Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fire Within

Motivation is what gets you started,
habit is what keeps you going.
Sometimes half the battle,
is simply the battle of knowing.

Is your fire that burns within...
lighted by you or someone else?
Will it burn long and strong,
if you're able to light it yourself?

Ability is what you're capable of,
motivation guides the action ...
but your attitude makes the difference
in your level of satisfaction.

Are you inspired by your fear ?
OR perhaps you aim for reward?
Or is there that spark within,
planted there by the Lord ?

Can you boldly walk the talk ?
Or will you wilt like a dying flower?
The choice is up to you, my friend,
you've always had the power.

Never trade - - what you want most -
for what you THINK; you want now!
Light that fire - - from deep within ...
and praise God, when you take your bow.

Dear Unwanted Pounds

An Open Letter to My Unwanted Pounds 

Dear Unwanted Pounds: 

I have a bone to pick with you. You are my dark clouds that, en masse, have been growing inside of me, haunting me. Terrorizing me, really. 

The fat cells that encompass you are like pigeons who hang around garbage dumpsters, waiting for half-eaten burritos. You are scavengers who lie in wait scooping up pancake molecules that swish past you in the current, feeding on them like starving savages. You are evil and you are not wanted here. I’m in the process of having you 'exorcised'. Let's consider my gym a priest, a personal exorcist, if you will. 

First he will come a calling and clean out all signs of the gastronomic devil: French Fries, hamburgers, bacon, oh I could go on. And that’s the problem. 

This lean-muscled priest will 'exorcise' you, making me scream in pain as I repeatedly and incessantly flap about, without much grace. He'll yell at me. Or you. It’s hard to tell, frankly. 

“Get out!” he will yell. “Get out of this body!” Oh, he’ll be talking to you, then. 

“If it hurts, that means it’s working.” The personal exorcist’s lips will curl with a simplistic smile. I imagine he will not like you. 

When the exorcism is done, he will mutter something about what a fine job I have done. 

“This body needs work, but now there is less poison.” 

He'll say the only reason you hang around, the reason you “possess” me is because I keep feeding you, enabling you. If I quit throwing fried chicken and cheese nips into my dumpster, you will leave me and look for sustenance elsewhere. 

But I don’t know if I can. You tempt me so. I fear I’ve already sold my soul to you and it may be too late for redemption. 

The priest will strongly suggest that the only path to salvation is to attend his church regularly, like three to four times a week! 

“A pound for a pound.” 

But I know this church and it’s full of devoted folks. Far more diligent than me. These people hit it religiously. I want such passion and determination. 

Those dedicated souls, well they do have fewer fat cells. And they do look happy. 

So, it's farewell to you - my unwanted pounds. Prepare yourselves to be EXERCISED ! :) 

Sincerely, Your Master 

A bday poem for my friend

Happy Birthday Amy
April, 2011

On this day in history,
Back in 1975 …
The world became blessed,
as Amy became alive.

She graduated Monacan High,
then UVA – then ODU –
And the way that I see it,
there’s nothing she can’t do.

She’s a daughter and a mother,
little Jeffrey is her world…
embracing life, head on –
her beauty is unfurled!

She’s a fitness gladiator …
Or ‘fit chic’ as she goes by,
with eating right and exercise,
she could easily catch your eye.

She does marathons, triathlons,
Spinning…and other things …
She’s always up for a challenge,
to see what this life brings!

She’s a blogger on the web,
and a friend in the heart …
a loyal Catholic soul,
she strives to do her part.

“Start Strong, Finish Stronger”,
is what you’ll hear her say - -
whether she’s finishing up a race,
or simply winding out the day!

So Happy Birthday Amy - -
You deserve all that is fine,
Whether it’s coconut M&M’s,
Or birthday cake and wine !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Fight

"My Fight"
By: Debra Sue Higginbotham

I'm in a knock down fight,
it's a fight for my life ...
I am more than a mother,
and more than a wife.

I am a person, I am a lady,
with some years under my belt,
and a few more inches,
I wish would simply melt.

I'm in a drag out fight,
and my demons will not win...
if I fall down, I just get up -
and I do it again and again.

My body may have scars,
and my skin may be flawed...
but every time I slay a dragon,
the Angels - they do applaud.

I'm in a knock down fight,
a glorious finish will be mine!
Can I count on you for backup,
as I melt across the finish line?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forty and a Half

By: Debra S. Higginbotham, 2/21/10

I was never one, to enjoy doing Math …

but today, my age is – - 40 and a half !

Only 6 more months, til I turn forty one …

and a few more than that, til my race is won!

I need 500 miles – finished up this year,

and as I hit that mark – will I hear you cheer?

I need to bike and walk, and swim a little too -

to rack up these miles, before my year is through.

So join me in my journey, or at least say a prayer,

as I move and I groove – to eventually get there!

You can join me in my race, or cheer me on my path…

as I count up my miles – even though I hate such math!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ending of an Affair

The Ending Of An Affair
By: Debra Higginbotham, 6/2/09

Farewell to you my sweet, for parting is such sweet sorrow.
I fear our affair is ending, first thing when I wake tomorrow.

I will miss your a.m. charge, I will miss the adoration …
I will miss your innocent look, which brings me such elation.

Your hold on me is fierce. The bond we have is strong.
But now it’s time, to say goodbye – it’s gone on far too long.

I hate the way I need you. I hate the way I want you.
I promise not to seek you. I promise not to haunt you.

I’m afraid it’s all or nothing. For us, there’s nothing more.
Even though, your tempting taste - - makes my heart rate soar.

I will miss the way you stimulate, the way you make me feel!
But my addiction to you, is now becoming – just a bit too real.

I’ll probably fall off the wagon, if I allow you inside my house.
So I must insist you stay away – from me as well as my spouse.

It’s the ending of an affair … I promise you – it’s not a joke.
I promise I’m giving you up – yes you – Sir Diet Coke !

Thursday, May 28, 2009


By: Debra S. Higginbotham, 5/28/09

Wrapped up in a frenzy, of mindless emotions,
logic escapes me, common sense is scant!
So tolerate me, indulge me and humor me, per se,
as I give in to the whimsy, of a nonsensical rant!

Politicians bore me (and anger me) – it’s true …the news is alarming (and annoying) – indeed!
The globe warms up, the economy cools down,
and a flu epidemic, is not exactly what I need.

Education is lacking and intellect is eroding!
Wall Street is shaking and the dollar is falling!
Folks are getting fatter, but does it really matter,
in a health care crisis; that too few find appalling!

So bombs are being built, wars are being fought,
disease is being spread - in a world that’s unsteady!
Terrorism abounds - - while new cells are found…
we say that we’re prepared, but are we ever ready?

Now have I depressed you, in this paranoid vent?
Now how shall I conclude - - on a positive slant?
Prayers always help! Hugs and kisses never hurt!
And when overwhelmed – smile, vent and rant!